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  • Just dash over the umbrella and keep firing at her the seeking shot is a great weapon for this.

    Cuphead Boss List

    Much like the Baroness, there are tons of different forms that this boss can take, and each has unique moves, all leading up to a final fight against her cuphead casino boss form. These stages have a lot more health, and even a small plane stage in-between that takes a huge number of additional hits.

    Once you reach the last stage, just try to hide at the back edge of the screen so you can easily plan around stars and UFOs trying to hit you in the middle of the sky. This deadly spiked flower is one of the first serious challenges in the game, and for a good reason. Having the small ladybug platforms floating slightly above the ground makes it really hard to dodge certain moves, and she creates tons of small enemies that you might not even see while trying to rapidly strike her.

    Most of the mini-boss fights in the leadup to King Dice are fairly easy and straightforward, but Mangosteen cuphead casino boss the end can be a bit more intimidating. The best way to beat this cuphead casino boss easily is by staying on the left or right, as jumping into Magnosteen will cause you to take damage and lose your footing. If you want the battle to end faster, you can always try staying underneath him cuphead casino boss that cuphead casino boss bullets strike quicker, but this can also make dodging the chalk cues way harder.

    A key trick with this powerful move is that you can parry pink playing cards multiple times, letting you stay more steady and avoid dodging rapidly while waiting to land on the ground again.

    List of Bosses

    Being able to tank some hits can easily give you an opportunity to find a bows position. Wally Warbles is as annoying as a broken alarm clock. The final form is probably the most difficult consistently. Watch the bottom of the screen for Wally and the two small birds carrying him. The birds will fire tons of objects as well, and the pills they fire will split, cuphead casino boss dodge them and continue to shoot every opportunity cuphead casino boss can.

    Phase cuphead casino boss shows Cala Maria boasting a vast array of attacks, but phase 2 is probably the most annoying because of one ability: petrification. In phase 2, Cala Maria becomes the infamous Gorgon Medusa with the help of her electric eel friends. Dodge the spike traps and skulls she launches at you while you continue to shoot. King Dice is a nuisance and a half.

    Villains Wiki

    The most difficult aspect of this fight is the potentially random nature of the mini-bosses. There are a total cuphead casino boss 9 possible mini-bosses. You must defeat at least three of them before you cuphead casino boss proceed to King Dice himself. Of these, one of the harder bosses comes from tile number 9.

    Dodge the monkey and the music notes he fires from his cymbals as you shoot him. When the cards drop in the background, quickly flip over the matches and finish off that cymbal-toting simian. First is the barrel that looms menacingly cuphead casino boss. Do your best to keep moving.

    Brineybeard himself has but one attack: an octopus cannon that fires bullets.

    Next is a shark, if you see a big fin in the background when Brineybeard whistles, get close to the boat to avoid being dinner. If you see a submarine scope appear when he cuphead casino boss, get ready to shoot cyphead some vicious sea dogs. The rest of the phases are simpler, just watch for cannonballs, and in phase 3 DUCK if the ship opens its mouth. Phase 3, however, is a bit of a doozy. The coaster that appears in phase 2 is still here, so keep on dodging it when it shows up, but now Beppi is bpss and riding a carousel horse.

    Dodge them and be careful as the yellow ones will come back to the middle of the stage and drop to the ground.

    The casono two phases will find you testing your dodging skills as you try surviving the rising casibo, but phase 3 cuuphead where things get hairy. He has a total of five phases four on Simple Mode and also a secret phase.

    Grim Matchstick is unlocked after defeating Beppi The Clownor by taking a shortcut. His level is titled Fiery Frolic. His level is titled Aviary Action. Rumor Honeybottoms is one of two initially available bosses after entering this isle. Defeating her grants cuphead casino boss to Dr. Her level is titled Honeycomb Herald. She has three phases two on Simple Mode. Captain Cuphead casino boss is the second of two initially available bosses after entering this isle.

    Defeating him grants access to Cala Maria. Sally Cuphexd cuphead casino boss a boss unlocked cuphead casino boss defeating either Cala MariaDr. Defeating her grants access to Phantom Express and Werner Werman. Her level is titled Dramatic Fanatic. She has four phases three on Simple Mode and also a secret cuphead casino boss. His level cuphead casino boss titled Murine Corps. Defeating him grants access to Sally Stageplay.

    Cuphead casino boss level is titled Junkyard Jive! He has three phases one on Simple Mode. Cala Maria is unlocked after defeating Captain Brineybeard. Defeating her grants access to Sally Stageplay. Her level is titled High Seas Cwsino The Phantom Express is unlocked after defeating Sally Stageplay.

    Defeating them grants cuphead casino boss to Inkwell Hell. Their level is titled Railroad Wrath. They have four phases three on Simple Mode.

    The first of nine mini-bosses fought before King Dice. The second of nine mini-bosses fought before King Dice. The third of nine mini-bosses fought before King Dice. The fourth of nine mini-bosses fought before King Dice. Casio fifth of nine mini-bosses fought before King Dice. The sixth of nine mini-bosses fought before King Dice. The seventh of nine mini-bosses fought before King Dice. The bosd of nine mini-bosses fought before King Dice. The ninth and final mini-boss fought before King Dice.

    King Dice is the only initially available boss after entering Hell. Defeating him grants access to The Devil. Cuphead casino boss level is titled All Bets Are Off! Depending on the space that they land on, King Dice will casinno them to a different battle with one of the casino bosses. Because of this, depending on the roll, certain bosses will be encountered while some will not be encountered at all cupheac all bosses will be encountered.

    They attack simultaneously The Scotch Glass pours his contents all over the ground. The Martini Glass summoning olive bats. These cupbead shoot their eye out to attack, though Cuphead can destroy them with his parry. The Whiskey Bottle shoots whisky at the cuphead casino boss. When defeated, they will become dazed and confused.

    Chips Bettigan is a stack of cuphead casino boss chips. He attacks by splitting his body into random sections and sliding across the stage, trying to hit the player. When defeated, he falls apart.

    Wheezy is a giant cigar lit by King Dice. He spits fire projectiles and vision-impairing smoke, as well as summoning cigarette bats.